About Us

Our founder and owner is a Registered Nurse and has working in healthcare for over 24yrs. She has inserted over several thousands of foley catheters in the process of her career and over the years, has taken care of several women with poor feminine hygiene and wellness. Those experiences bore in her the desire to start a company that will carter to our feminine needs and freshness.
These products are natural and organic with no added chemicals or parabens.
100% Natural herbal products that are holistic approach to help restore feminine health and confidence. Products have been used by women throughout time to help improve a variety of conditions and help maintain a healthy pH environment of your feminine vibe. Our feminine herbal products are safe to use, ignite and refresh your vibes. These products strengthen yoni tissues, moisturize, soothe irritation, rejuvenate and  remove odor!
A lot of women need help in that area and it's so refreshing to learn that there is a healthy solution to your needs, feminine health, soul and body! 
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