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Always The Best Natural Products For Your Coochie

Herbal Yoni Detox Soap 🧼 For Feminine Hygiene Cleanse #myosotisShop Now: Our 100% handmade natural yoni cleansing soap is exactly what you have been waiting for. Take your bath game to the next level with the best of the best yoni herbal cleansing bar soap for women. Treat your most delicate area with the best natural ingredients. Benefits:💮 liminates odors ( after sex odor or BV )💮 Detox💮 Cleanse💮 Reduce menstrual pain💮 Restores PH Balance💮 Healing & Soothing for the Yoni & BodyIngredients:All Natural Ingredients, Paraben-free, No chemical additives,synthetic dyes,or artificial fragrances added. 🌸 Rose essences concentrated with 🌸 Real rose petal, 🌸 Rosehid oil,🌸 rose oil , 🌸 lauric acid, 🌸 EV olive oil, 🌸 Jojoba oil, 🌸 Wheat...

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